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Uninterruptible Power Supply - Ups Uk

An uninterruptible power supply, commonly known as UPS Power Supply is easy to install a device that is designed to provide power to your computers, servers, server rooms and data centres in case of main energy failure, electrical surge or unexpected energy cut off. All our UPS systems contain a battery that guarantees power to your computer system for a certain period of time, creating an extended run long enough to shutdown software or for saving the current task and shutting off the computer. 
All types of our UPSs are suitable with UK plug system.


UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply Types?

⦁    Line Interactive UPS - maintains the inverter in line and redirects the battery's DC current path from the normal charging mode to supplying current when power is lost. In this design, the battery-to-AC power inverter is always connected to the output of the UPS.
 Online UPS - A system of supplying power by converting AC input (utility power) to DC and reconverting it to stable AC by the inverter while constantly charging the batteries. Supplies power without momentary power breaks in the event of a power outage.
Rack Mount  UPS - UPS’s range of rack mountable uninterruptible power supplies is proven to protect mission-critical servers and data centre cabinets, along with sensitive IT and network equipment.

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