Chronos Network & Telecom Consulting is an independent consulting firm. We are the legal seller of MAKELSAN UPS to all over the UK and Ireland.
We offer Innovative & Intelligent Energy Solutions for our partners all around UK with High Quality Products and First Class Customer Experience.
If you need UPS, PDU Power cables or IP cabinets you are on the right place.

UPS Solutions

We’ve Got Your Back (Up)

Powerpack SE Series, Rack Mount 2U, Line Interactive or Online UPS's.

for Homes, offices or data centers.

CNT Consulting
& Services

  • Line Interactive UPS 650VA - 2200 VA

  • Online Tower&Mount UPS 1kVA-20 kVA

  • PDU Power cables

  • IP Indoor/Mount/Outdoor Cabinets

  • Wi-Fi Solutions

  • Telecommunication Services

Keyboard and Mouse

Our Services

Glass Buildings
Specialized and Functional Expertise

From companies to individual, our experts are dedicated to solve your problems. We intend to know your network problems and want to help you.

Our Products

 Line Interactive UPS (650-2200 VA)

 Online Rack Mount and Tower UPS (1-20 kvA)

 PDU IP Cables

 Indoor/Outdoor IP Cabinets

Proven Methodologies

We have seen and experienced with the transformation from 2G networks to 4G over the last 13 years.

Network Quality Optimization

Outdoor and Inbuilding Tests

Network Benchmarking

Web Design

Our Services
Collaborative Working Style

We work side by side with customers to create and implement practical but also long-term solutions.

Glass Buildings

We are ready to improve your network


Chronos Network&Telecom Consulting



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